In just a few years computers have come such a long way in just such a few years. Just ten to twenty years ago computers were extremely basic compared to what we have today where mac was the only way to get a high powered computer and truly did reign over everyone else. But even that we used to see these huge computers that took up entire desks plus the floor below it, the computer ran slow and getting on the internet was such a pain that many just didn’t do it. Now you have lightening speeds on the computers and they are so many sizes but all smaller than what we used to see from the desk top to even the tablet computers the range is unbelievable. With desktop computers you no longer are required to have two to four different pieces for the computer to even run now we have the all in one computer in which everything that computer needs to run is in the monitor. That’s just the desktops, you can now get all computers with touch screen with laptops there are various styles in which the screen turns around and the computer turns into a tablet for the user but at the same time you have tablet computers that can completely be just a tablet or it can hook to the keyboard. On computers now where as you used to have to get a separate camera if you wanted recording straight to your computer or if you wanted to talk over the internet cameras are no built into almost every one of the computers that you see on the market.
However that only really touches the advancement in design when it comes to the actual specs of these computers. Jason Hope explains “just a few years back where when you wanted to do something on the computer it took forever let alone have several applications open often times that could crash the computer all together where you would have to start over completely.” Now most computers can handle seven or more applications running at once and that’s just the ones that you are actively uses that doesn’t include the background programs such as antivirus that runs all the time, we as users just never see it unless something is wrong. In the end the advances with the computer in such a short amount of time are so great and beyond what many had ever imagined would happen with the computer let alone in that time period.